20 Amazing Science Experiments and Optical Illusions! Compilation 2017

This video is a compilation of Best 20 science experiments with liquid and fire 2017

00:02 Flammable hand sanitizer
00:25 Coca Cola and Pool chlorine reaction
00:47 Traveling Flame
01:04 Animated Optical Illusions
01:27 Jet Engine in a Jar
01:54 Hot Ice
02:48 Coca Cola VS Coca Cola Zero – Sugar Test
03:07 Sugar and Sulfuric Acid – Strange Chemical Reaction
03:42 Amazing Fire Snake
04:26 Anamorphic Illusion
05:11 Elephant Toothpaste
05:37 Fire Tornado
06:14 Soap propelled boat
06:36 Homemade Smartphone Hologram
06:57 Pool Chlorine and Break Fluid Reaction
07:19 Rooftop Illusion
07:49 Make Flying Balloon at Home
08:39 Soapy water and gas
09:09 Instant cloud in a bottle
09:28 No-leak magic bag

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23 responses to “20 Amazing Science Experiments and Optical Illusions! Compilation 2017”

  1. Super Mugman 64 Avatar

    I love this Video But Fuck Youtube Because He Just Age-Restricted The Video Is Youtube Fucking High or Something This video is Awesome

  2. Sharada Yadav Avatar

    Please make an easy videos so that kids should also do it because they are more dangerous for kids

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  5. Mahendra Pradhan Avatar

    I like that fire on hand and that candle one

  6. Robert S. Avatar

    Fun experiments to show children some fun science. I wish you could have included the type of reaction going on, although some are obvious if you've taken some science classes. Thanks.. 🙂

  7. Alexsaurus Draw Avatar


  8. Kawa_MT_ cc Avatar

    Du bist deutsch! Balea gel von DM!!!

  9. Avani Rawal Avatar

    This is science GREAT

  10. Karen Hamilton Avatar

    When i did that hand sanatize thing it hurt me so you lied

  11. Manjit Singh Toor Avatar

    Very good bro keep it up

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