2 Simple and easy Science Experiments with Household items!

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6 responses to “2 Simple and easy Science Experiments with Household items!”

  1. Addyson Donut Greene Avatar

    you guys are bad commenters just becuz he has a laggy camera doesnt mean you have to be rude hes not the only person in the world with a laggy camera

  2. Reilly Smith Avatar

    Little did i know ur six and this one video has more views than all ur videos combined… Nice intro… It's OG

  3. Reilly Smith Avatar

    Whatever I don't care what u say and so my camera isn't the best at least I put some effort into my videos and try to have fun with it…oh and by the way ur kinda like a fan well a hating fan and just wanted to let u know I DONT CARE

  4. OGalex8980 Avatar

    I'm not a LAGGY fag on YouTube like u my kid makes better vids than u and him on YouTube on this channel ugly af lil bitch

  5. OGalex8980 Avatar

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  6. OGalex8980 Avatar

    Ugly af less lag more fps no body wanna watch u LAGGY shit

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