1st law of thermodynamics (experiments)

Group 3 EKC222 Chemical Eng. Thermodynamics Assignment. Basically we did two experiments to explain the 1st law of thermodynamics. Hope you guys enjoy it!
Credits to
Soon Kah Aik
Chan Chuh Yiing
Mohamed Fadhil bin Mohamed Vaisul
Mohamed Khairi bin Othman
Nurul Azrin binti Abdul Rahim



32 responses to “1st law of thermodynamics (experiments)”

  1. The Devil Of Brightness Avatar

    you used the periodic table song of asapscience atleast the track

  2. Sesame Skeet Avatar

    Why should one not try this at home

  3. kavsalyaa periyasamy Avatar

    that's nice to understand it soon…..tq

  4. Harvey Avatar


  5. Harapanahalli Lingaraj Avatar

    Thank you for the explanation.

  6. Lester Kuro Avatar

    can i ask a question?what is the connection of the firsr law of thermodynamics to the expanding balloon experiment?answer pls.. ASAP thanks

  7. I Sold My Soul To Music Avatar

    What does it say at 2:02 ? The image is all blurry

  8. Bakhtyar Khosty Avatar

    Weldon good job guys.

  9. Hesham Atwa Avatar

    at 1;52 W = +ve done by system not -ve! 

  10. Francesco Yoshi Gobbo Avatar

    A little fast.. need to stop sometime xD But cool #experiment   ^-^
    Thanks!! =)

  11. Fitrie Najieha Avatar

    Truly amazing! Im asking permission to use this video as my Thermodynamics assignment 🙂

  12. Pavan Kumar Avatar

    nice …some of my clouds are cleared

  13. Zhi Yan Avatar

    Wow more than 2000 ady! DAEBAK!! 

  14. Elyn Tan Avatar

    WOA! 9 more!!

  15. mus kamal Avatar

    good job fadhil

  16. Wang Ching Ng Avatar

    A good experiment for visual understanding.

  17. hasif Hakim Avatar

    haha, cool experiment….keep up the good work guyz..huhu

  18. Liyana Ross Avatar

    excellent work + easy to understand 🙂

  19. Fazlur Rahman Avatar

    Good study and experiment

  20. Ching Chia Leong Avatar

    beautiful balloon

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