Science experiments that look like pure magic

1. Giant fire foam
Take a flat plate, cover it with some sand and pour a bit of spirit on top. Then add a table spoon of baking soda and sugar. Light ir up and watch… Here comes an amazing giant fire foam.

2. Giant foam worm
Mix some water with potassium permanganate and liquid soap. Pour it in a tall vase. Now carefully add hydrogen peroxide. Here comes a huge foam worm. The kids will be impressed.

3. A chemical traffic light
Mix water with indigo carmine in one cup, water with glucose in another and water with sodium hydroxide in the third one. Now carefully mix all three liquids together. Watch the magic! The liquid will change color from green through yellow into red.

00:20 Giant soap worm
01:47 Vacuum trick
02:53 A balloon and an orange
04:25 A lava cup
07:09 DIY non-Newtonian fluid

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  1. Little master Avatar

    Good and new expirements with water and make a water ball please

  2. over gamer Avatar

    Tera chacha dega hame hydrogon

  3. Tanya Theodory Avatar

    Where do you get potassium permangrenate, indigo carmine, glucose and sodium hydroxide and iodic potassium. I am in Dubai

  4. Samuel Xu Avatar

    that's not sprite, it's alchol

  5. Ioana Roman Avatar

    Can I do the 4:24 one with any liquid that’s coloured (like ink), or does it have to be food coloring?

  6. Mahua Sengupta Avatar

    Where will we get hydrogen peroxide and glucose

  7. collin cruz Avatar

    uhm.. do you think we have hydrogen.. etc.. etc

  8. Fox Boba Avatar

    yea we all have hydrogen peroxide athome

  9. Jairam Shetkar Avatar

    Why are they showing the same experiment

  10. crielio criel Avatar

    what is a spirit?

  11. justin shine Avatar

    What kind of cotton ball ? mixing with alcohol?

  12. Asha Sharma Avatar

    Which colour the glucose was

  13. Nida Razzaq Avatar

    Sab se pehle experiment me plet me yellow powder kis Chez ka hai

  14. Naveen Arenad Avatar

    1st is not succes

  15. Tasmi 8 Avatar

    The kinetic sand one is fake

  16. Pavani Sailaja Rayavarapu Avatar

    Super cool man.simply awesome

  17. Someone __ Avatar

    Can you also use sprite or water with bubbels for the egg?

  18. Anonymoose Avatar

    Yeah let me just go get my potassium permanganate and concentrated hydrogen peroxide really quickly.

  19. Beena Verma Avatar

    You ripped off Mr Hacker and team channel


    Will the water remain bubbling forever

  21. Slick pick Avatar

    8:50 for you dirty minded people out there

  22. Not Riot Avatar

    Active sand is fake

  23. Magiczny człowiek Avatar

    Nice video 😉
    I invite you to my channel!

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