15 Amazing Experiments with Water

15 Amazing & Simple Science Experiments and Tricks that You Can Do At Home with Water for kids and adults You Can Do at Home.

00:00 Instant Freeze Water Cool Trick | Instant Ice liquid
01:03 Invisible Coins
01:27 Dancing grapes in mineral water
02:08 Reverse Arrow Trick
02:42 Exploding Water with Microwave
03:30 Bending of light Cool Trick
04:02 Drops on a Coin
04:19 Burning Candle & Rising aqua Cool Trick
05:08 Pierce Plastic Bag
05:41 Vegetable Oil and Colored Water
06:18 Aqua, Bottle and a Ball
06:39 Toothpick Star
07:03 Make a Paper Clip or Coin Float
07:30 Crushing can experiment – How to crush an aluminum can with air pressure – physics
08:32 Microscope with a Laser Pen & a drop | Homemade Microscope

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