12 Experiments To Do At Home. DIY Science Experiment Ideas!

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Today we’ll make a few most popular experiments to test their safety level. You’ll learn experiments that you can safely do at home and also that ones you should never try alone!

Supplies and tools:

• Banknote
• Rubbing alcohol
• Water
• Tweezers
• Lighter
• Sand
• Bowl
• Gasoline
• Baking soda
• Sugar
• Board wrapped in foil
• Hand sanitizer
• Food coloring
• Dish soap
• Butane gas
• Carbol fuchsin (Ziehl Nelson’s or Castellani’s paint)
• Brilliant green
• Methylene blue
• Ammonia
• Candle
• Fuel tablet
• Calcium gluconate
• Lemon and lime
• Citric acid
• Potato starch
• Iodine
• Coca Cola
• Chlorine powder
• Tall clear vase
• Oil
• Effervescent tablets
• Paper
• Milk
• Brush

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37 thought on “12 Experiments To Do At Home. DIY Science Experiment Ideas!”

  1. Let’s clarify what not to do after this video.
    1.Do not light hand sanitizer on fire,as you life is 70% at risk.
    2.Don’t do drugs.Don’t use those needles and use medicine for when needed.
    3.Don’t breath in ammonia or you will be 60% at risk(your lungs)
    Don’t do this stuff guys.These experiments should include a person with a scientific degree gloves goggles a safety jacket and the outside and a person who has sense

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