11 Amazing Science Tricks With Liquid Science Experiments by HooplaKidzLab

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Today I present to you a collection of my experiments previously done with Liquid! Hope you enjoy it.

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22 responses to “11 Amazing Science Tricks With Liquid Science Experiments by HooplaKidzLab”

  1. DGM //d.i.y/gaming/magic Avatar

    who is watching in 2020

  2. Wong Timmy Avatar

    LOL how did hacker

  3. Pallavi Manek Avatar

    I love it HK lab is the best way of doing and learning science

  4. A.J. Strother Avatar

    to make a bouncy egg

  5. A.J. Strother Avatar

    can you use apple cider vinegar

  6. Every Thing.H Avatar

    please sub my channel I'll sub you tooo

  7. NaturerocksXD Avatar

    Where to by the glycerine from?

  8. Taco Avatar

    for the blood when it says oil what kind of oil does it mean

  9. Vince Hector Avatar

    Your taking someone else's work for credit.

  10. Vince Hector Avatar

    You just copyed another video.

  11. Penny, Blackjack, and Bob Hamsters Avatar

    you could place an egg into a cup of vinegar for 24hours and see what will happen to it

  12. salatiel Alvarez Avatar

    me en canton su bideo agan mas cosas

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