100 Amazing Science Experiments and Tricks that You Can Do At Home Part 2 (Compilation)

HooplaKidzLab brings to you the second 50 amazing science experiments from the 100 Amazing Science Experiments series. Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hooplakidzlab

00:13 Blowing CD Bubbles
01:46 Rubber Band Watermelon Challenge
04:23 Where is Gravity
07:28 Smartphone Macro Lens2
11:12 Twist In Time
15:43 How to draw in 3D
18:30 Invisible bottle
20:07 Matchbox Microphone
22:58 Rainbow Snake Bubbles
26:24 Glowing Baloons
28:32 Fireworks In A Glass
31:18 Bending Water
32:29 DIY Smartphone Speaker
35:22 Boil Water with Ice
38:03 Sugar Magic
39:17 Amazing Balancing Coins
41:27 Growing Eggs
45:17 Chemical Chameleon
46:47 Does Mint Really Cool Things Down
48:22 DIY Projector
50:54 Explosion That Sparkles
52:14 Funky Fountain
55:15 Flaming Candle See saw
57:47 Experimenting with waterflow
01:01:40 Dancing Ghost
01:04:13 Hidden Holes Bottle Trick
01:06:50 Walking Through paper
01:09:42 Potato Peeling Life Hack
01:12:23 Ghost Marbles
01:15:29 Invisible Flower
01:17:19 How Much Gas Does Your Favorite Beverage Produce
01:20:19 Water Race
01:23:17 The Power Of Limes
01:25:41 Weather Vane
01:30:30 Gobstopper Candy Science
01:33:19 The Science of a Plasma Ball
01:34:41 The Battery Train
01:35:46 Copper Electrolysis
01:38:34 Touch Screen Phone Stylus life hack
01:41:15 The Power Of Bleach
01:43:16 Hot Ice
01:45:33 Electric Eels
01:48:19 Coin Battery
01:52:10 Static Flyer
01:54:15 DIY Glow Stick
01:55:52 Neodymium Magnets and Copper Pipe
01:56:56 SodaCan Jump
01:58:11 Tea Bag Rocket Science
01:59:25 Diving Ketchup
02:01:19 How To Fit a Balloon in a Bottle

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34 responses to “100 Amazing Science Experiments and Tricks that You Can Do At Home Part 2 (Compilation)”

  1. random guy guy random Avatar

    realy 420 ruber bands

  2. Steven Le Avatar

    Did anyone watch the whole thing?

  3. Saberstorm 27 Avatar

    Can we use a screw instead of a nail?

  4. maiabaiab anaian Avatar

    Velo, she could be living somewhere else, you never know :)

  5. Indie Guide Avatar

    Well nice effort.

  6. Stevie Gamer Avatar

    Black people and African kids: TRIGGERED

  7. Kaila Johnson Avatar

    this video sucks like fuck

  8. SleepingStorms7 Avatar

    Someone send help Bill Cosby has locked me in his basement and is making me eat Puddin Pops

  9. Emma Dunning Avatar

    We already know wats bout to go down wid dat watermelon if u watched guava juice do it XD

  10. Clorox Bleach Avatar

    Narrator: Until it is attracted to the magnet
    Me: Until i'm attracted to the pussy

  11. MisterMannerisms Avatar

    1:56:58 (for later with little one)

  12. Kurt Wolford Avatar

    How to boil water with ice: step 1. Boil water

  13. jalissa rush Avatar

    you gave me a good idea for an experiment

  14. a bottle of milk Avatar

    420 rubberbands destroyed the watermelon…

  15. TheToll Dubz Avatar

    Melons are berry's not fruit

  16. Lemon Merangue Avatar

    YAY A 2HOUR LONG VID!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 hours later AWWWWW!

  17. Konigprinz Avatar

    100 stupid ideas to waste your time…

  18. Mya Nguyen Avatar


  19. Endless Roblox (EndlessRoblox) Avatar

    i just realised i missed out on breakfast watching this

  20. hubble pup Avatar

    The hand trit in scope

  21. santhi periaswamy Avatar

    Keep doing more like this very nice

  22. Shahzad Sohan Avatar

    i love hoplakidzlab ammazing experiments

  23. Smile The Fox Avatar

    Easy make condoms?

  24. DerpyMasta 200 Avatar

    it's kidzlab not lighterlab

  25. SeSa Gaming Avatar

    "Where is gravity?"
    I don't know… Is it exactly where you're standing?

  26. PROgamerNtrainin !!!! Avatar

    the watermelon looks like pussy lol

  27. Flame Boss Avatar


    What's a CD?

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