10 Mind Blowing Experiments compilation #7

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23 responses to “10 Mind Blowing Experiments compilation #7”

  1. Ralph Walker Avatar

    Your videos is great

  2. Rishav Koirala Avatar

    …Need to get some steel wolf…

  3. Lenard the potato Pie Avatar

    On the second one sorry headphone users

  4. Jozsef Ienciu Avatar

    Why your hands shaking so much?

  5. Raghav ralhan Avatar

    First we are going to put a little bit of what

  6. Aoster End Avatar

    0:28 ummmm i think that will make cocaine

  7. Huda Imran Avatar

    put did he used in the first experiment: powder, salt,baking soda,instant snow????

  8. Steve Jarvis Avatar

    at 2:18 "and just roll it up tightly,. very very tightly, you know what I mean?,.. as tight as it gets,. that's what she said right?" hahahaha

  9. RJAY SAT Avatar

    "that's what she said…or he…whatever" lol

  10. God Avatar

    Nail kappa

  11. maya tandon Avatar

    will anyone please tell me that in first experiment what did he poured into the glass..

  12. adyan malick Avatar

    2:55 he say do not try this at home and look where he is doing it

  13. JD beats HD Avatar

    3:45 I think that would be a good source of energy and it is effective

  14. Cástulo Poyer Avatar

    Dafup? Y esos subtitulos en esp?? XD

  15. Aarnav Shrishrimal Avatar

    What's the powder for the snow

  16. Sagar Dulal Avatar

    sodium polyacrylate was used in the first experiment. IT has the ability to absorb as much as 200-300 times its mass in water.

  17. ezmoney kid Avatar

    ten pound's of cocaine

  18. cloudilicous Avatar

    we do the same thing with baking powder I am going to find out

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