10 Fire Science Experiments Compilation

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26 responses to “10 Fire Science Experiments Compilation”

  1. gobble gobble Avatar

    Can you make blue fire

  2. Bryan Columna Avatar

    what are the materials that you used in the final experiment?

  3. AET Avatar

    He's calm even though his table is on fire ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Suraya Bongga Avatar

    i enjoy all of your experiment

  5. alex sully Avatar

    lol at 4:30, he's looking like a real mad scientist.

  6. alex sully Avatar

    lol at all 1:24 lookin goofy as hell

  7. Ruben Moons Avatar

    good job that i have a fire extinguisher the hole house is on fire

  8. Mahmudur Rahman Avatar

    The way he screams at 2:01

  9. Divided Reality Avatar

    Taras got the handlebars on his face.

  10. Ashraff Mohamad Avatar

    Cocain all over your nose

  11. ZigPlays GT Avatar

    Why you have us army shirt if your Russian?

  12. ZigPlays GT Avatar

    Why you have us army shirt if your Russian?

  13. Dank Bleach Avatar

    At 2:36 paper bombs from naruto

  14. Dank Bleach Avatar

    Ammonia dick chloride

  15. YGK Mobile Avatar

    wears U.S. army uniform…

  16. Cat Avatar

    kids, donuts… try this at home

  17. Rotom Jr Avatar

    Why are u so not scared when the fire was on the table and u had a fire extinguisher?

  18. Captain Awesome Avatar

    so are snake fireworks just compressed that stuff?

  19. Hannah myers Avatar

    1:27 the powder look like coke

  20. Indesh Vijayanand Avatar

    he didnt even put out the fire, he was just like, oh look, fire

  21. aguywholikesgold Avatar

    3:50 that's what good pussy sounds like

  22. Exquisite Cookie Avatar

    that potato cannon was awesome. can you make a video in how to make it,

  23. Jason Blundell Avatar

    Turns out #2 is agent orange

  24. solves Avatar

    whats the last stuff

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