10 crazy science stunts you can do at home part 2

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42 responses to “10 crazy science stunts you can do at home part 2”

  1. Sara Said Avatar

    the blue thing is called a thumb tack

  2. Its DawsonVlogs Avatar

    its called a bobby pin :)

  3. Triston Pike Avatar

    it is called a thumb tack

  4. Magic Fish Boi Avatar

    It's called a thumb tack

  5. Emmanuel González Avatar

    mmh.. I think I'm gonna eat the half of this apple and save the rest later, I'm not that hungry.

    Place finger in the middle

    OK, so what he said is I should stomp on it…. AAAAAAAAAAH!!! I broke my finger!

  6. You Tube Avatar

    cool video too. And to all you haters, I don't see you get 20 MILLION views on ONE video. So just shut up would ya

  7. You Tube Avatar

    *tack pin by the way man

  8. Yo Yu Avatar

    you're awesome keep being vloger and don't go war in syiria, bro

  9. Aleyda Luu Avatar

    Pineapple pen apple pen Papp

  10. Corina Yildiz Avatar

    Why did you use that pushpin

  11. Corina Yildiz Avatar

    It hurts your finger

  12. Joshua Rodasti Avatar

    did you hear the sound when he puts his finger on the tin foil?

  13. TheLastBanana66 Avatar

    It's called a thumb tac in America :D

  14. jeandre Viviers Avatar

    because if you close the fire the fire wants air so he is sucking to your hand

  15. Yakamoz Avatar

    Can you drink the burning vodka?

  16. sarihaddu Avatar

    You got an apple butt, you want to split it with finger.. LOL

  17. Love Kallio Avatar

    05:59 are you playing with electricity!

  18. BunnyGaming 153 Avatar

    The F finger got me there xD

  19. Anuj Bishnoi Avatar

    This guy makes me love Russia! You are so cool man!

  20. Fiona Snow Avatar

    It called a thumb tack

  21. jr87 Avatar

    you can hear the spark w earphones

  22. cool skeleton95 Avatar

    it's a thumb tack

  23. MrHayman12 Avatar

    the things you called top pins are called Thumb Tacks in English. ( thumb Tac )

  24. Colorfulpaintingz AJ Avatar


  25. Hi Frenz Avatar

    Watch him jump 3:22

  26. Abel Leal Avatar

    how that is so cool

  27. PheonixZY Gameplay Avatar

    It is called a thumbtack

  28. Marcus Robson Plays Avatar

    It sticks because the fire burns oxygen from around the liquor so like a black hole creates a vacuum. so it has a suction on your hand I think

  29. DilanGamer GG Avatar

    4:18 you got scared XDD

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