10 Amazing Science Experiments you can do @ home

Super Cool Science Experiments You Can Do At Home
►More videos ► ✪ https://www.youtube.com/user/panchbharat

list of experiments:
12,000V Jacobs Ladder
Amazing Candle Trick!
Amazing Gravity Ruler Trick!
Anti Gravity Paperclip Trick!
Apple Battery – Science Experiment!
Atmosphere Pressure
Awesome 20 Dollar Bill illusion!
Awesome Compressed Air Explosion Science Experiment!
Awesome Thumbtack Trick
Baking Soda and Vinegar Candle Trick
Balancing a Cup on Knifes

Credit: some nice guy i don’t know peace to him



20 responses to “10 Amazing Science Experiments you can do @ home”

  1. North Wynd33 Avatar

    You stole the description, title, and thumbnail from someone else, and put a different video in it just so you could get views. You’re a disgrace.

  2. North Wynd33 Avatar

    The description says things that aren’t even in the video -_-

  3. North Wynd33 Avatar

    This is not science
    There were only three
    I clicked for the galaxy water.
    Why the misguidance?

  4. cheeky Monkeys Avatar

    This is magic -.-

  5. dunk doll Avatar

    why this stupid vid get 6m view ???

  6. Seagrass Designs Avatar

    i came here for revision and things to do but i just get clickbaited again

  7. Being  Some crafty Avatar

    I want thumbnail thing

  8. rishmeet narula Avatar

    that true family is all balance them tougter

  9. lala lelelu Avatar

    That said 10 tricks but only 3 tricked

  10. Sandro Anims Avatar

    Wow this is a cool clickbait shit waste on a ocean trash

  11. some internet Avatar


  12. xXRedWolfXx Avatar

    the last one isnt even balance… its physics the nails grip eachother. -_-

  13. tektalk Avatar

    Man U must have a big family

  14. enchantedtank Avatar

    Last one was so deep

  15. Chris Cain Avatar

    A condom in other words…a rubber Johnny!

  16. Squishy Kawai Avatar

    I love that last one

  17. Mayzie Chase Avatar

    U said 10 there is only 3 and the thumb nail showed galaxy water and there wasn't this it stupid

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