10 AMAZING MAGNETIC EXPERIMENTS you can do at home | Magnetic Games

All ways to have fun with magnets.
More and more magnetic games to do at home with magnets of different size and strength. Many simple game for kids. Other challenging games that will test your patience. Subscribe to my channel, if you like the magnets you’ll have fun.

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On my channel you will find all the ways to have fun with magnets divided into 3 main categories:

Classical magnetic experiments such as magnetic levitation, homopolar motors, small magnetic weapons, Gauss cannons, gears, magnetic field viewers and much more.

Satisfaction video like the construction of magnetic sculptures, slime and magnetic putty and product review.

ASMR relaxing videos to watch but above all to listen preferably with stereo headphones to be able to appreciate the particular sounds of the magnets

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All ways to have fun with magnets


About Magnetic Games:
All ways to have fun with magnets.

The magnetism has always intrigued me. The strength of the magnets is scientifically explainable but there’s something “magical” about its interaction with the world. My Channel offers you curious experiments and fun games to do with magnets.

10 AMAZING MAGNETIC EXPERIMENTS you can do at home | Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games



28 responses to “10 AMAZING MAGNETIC EXPERIMENTS you can do at home | Magnetic Games”

  1. Ansira Banu Avatar

    How to joint the small circle like maganet

  2. pranjal verma Avatar

    very cool video. it has a lot of attracting power indeed

  3. dario 1028a Avatar

    w0w m8 This needs a lot of magnEts For me xD

  4. Splash Science Avatar

    it's amazing, yes but how to make These Experiments??!!

  5. Aaryan Sharma Avatar

    Appreciate your hardwork man…well done..!

  6. Aaryan Sharma Avatar

    Appreciate your hardwork man…well done..!

  7. fla playa Avatar

    Wow most videos are way too long. This one was way too short! Lot of cool stuff.

  8. Mr M.A Avatar

    Where can I buy these magnets

  9. mathew miller Avatar

    Has tried using magnets to create a hover board. I had an idea to mix ground up magnetic particles mixed with paint to create a liquid that can be spread out on a surface and then placing a metal object on top of that a person can stand on and float. I also had the Idea to place a motor on the back in order to move forward. If anyone has tried this send me a link so I can check it out.Thanks.

  10. Information About Computer. Avatar

    Hey man I want do This experiments Tell me in Details!! Plz

  11. Tim Short Avatar

    what was the song?

  12. abed alhmed badr Avatar

    best vedio ever .. how can i make a motion rotation from the magnatic? for make some electric

  13. 4t;EiGhT Avatar


  14. Katzen33 Avatar

    What happens when you stop one of those magnetic gears?

  15. TheGreatMoonFrog Avatar

    Umm…so we don't have an infinite source of magnet driven power because?…

  16. Fred Costa Avatar

    Will you please tell me what that black paper at the end was?

  17. Michael Alexander Avatar

    0:50 should be tried with beyblades

  18. Andrei Avatar

    Hi. What's the name of the song? Nice video btw, great work

  19. Jordan Edwards Avatar

    cool stuff +1 sub

  20. Kash brown Avatar

    How did u do the last one?

  21. Yoitstony Salguero Avatar

    My jaw was dropped for the whole video

  22. ranger kylerr Avatar

    can you give me a two ball magnets

  23. Magnet Tricks Avatar

    Hahaa, finally you did it! Awesome, I love it. I predict this will collect great amounts of views!

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