10 Amazing Fire Tricks!

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10 Amazing Fire Tricks!

These are relatively simple tricks that you can perform at home with basics supplies. All of these tricks can be dangerous so please use extreme caution when performing these experiments. Use safety glasses, gloves, well ventilated areas and adult supervision.

Tricks in the video:

1. Traveling Flame:

This is a simple yet amazing trick. Some candles contain a chemical called paraffin. Paraffin is petroleum by-product. When you relight the smoke, you’re actually lighting the paraffin residue within the smoke. The closer you get the lighter to the candle, the easier it is to relight. It’s fun to see just how high you can relight the candle. The version in the video shows the candle being relighted about 6 to 7 inches away.

2. Rising water:

When the glass is placed over the candle, the flame burns up the oxygen, forming a vacuum. The vacuum sucks the water from the plate into the glass. Other versions of this trick ask for the candle to be attached to the plate but I thought it was cool to see the candle float up.

3. Crayon candle:

Very simple and fun to do. Hold a flame to the crayon for 15 or 20 seconds and it will light and stay burning for 5 to 10 minutes.

4. Burning ping pong balls:

Ping pong balls are highly flammable. They are made of celluloid. I was shocked the first time I lit one. It literally bursts into flames. The fumes can be highly toxic so if you perform this trick, do it outside and don’t breathe in the fumes.

5. Candle seesaw:

This is such a fun trick to try. Drill a hole through the middle of a long candle. Be careful not to split the candle. That’s why I used a drill with a small bit. Then carefully put a nail through the hole. Balance the candle between 2 glasses and light both ends. Even if the candle starts from a complete standstill, it will eventually start rocking dramatically. As the candle burns it melts the wax and the wax drips off, causing the candle to lose weight. When one end goes down, the flame burns more wax off than the other end. So the bottom end loses weight rapidly, causing the top end to become heavier. It rotates down and the process continues.. If you position the nail perfectly through the center, you can get the candle to flip almost 360 degrees.

6. Fire in a bottle:

Pour about 1 inch of rubbing alcohol in a long narrow bottle. Shake it up to coat the entire inside, open the lid and light the top. It will light quickly, shooting a flame down into the bottle while making a loud whistling sound.

7: Singing pipe:

I ordered this pipe from a science based website. You can find it by doing a search for “singing pipe”. You heat the mesh screen in the bottom of the pipe then hold the pipe upright. The mesh screen is so hot that it gives off a large amount of heat. When the heat rises up the pipe, it creates a flow of air that causes the pipe to resonate, thereby creating a tone. When you tilt the pipe sideways, the flow of air is disrupted, which eliminates to the tone. When you hold the pipe upright again, the tone will return.

8. Black snake:

Use, 4 parts powdered sugar to 1 part baking soda. Stir and then add a decent amount of rubbing alcohol. All you have to do is light it and watch the magic begin.

9. Fire tornado:

This is an oldie but a goodie. When the mesh trash can spins, it creates a mini vortex around the flame, which causes the flame to spin. Most versions of this trick are done using a lazy susan, so you have to spin it manually. I thought it would be interesting to try it on a turntable. It works much better with the turntable.

10. Steel wool fire:

Steel wool contains iron. Simple light the steel wool and watch the magic begin. Be careful when handling steel wool. Use gloves and safety glasses.

Thanks for watching my video. Be careful and have fun!



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  1. Kazori Rozario Avatar

    Playing with fire is dangerous.But today I saw something else.It is great!

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    the pipe holding the girl si hot :>

  3. We Melt Stuff Avatar

    If you like science vids or things melting I made a video. I can't get any views on it tho lol

  4. 呵呵 Avatar

    first one also can use candle beacuse I'm try this in mooncake festival

  5. Kaleb DaBoss Avatar

    the part with the balls tray and laughter,one of the part's look like a Fire ball

  6. Evolved Design Avatar

    the fire tornado is the coolest and made me smile the most but the steel wool made me actually say wow and was the most fascinating and prettiest. to me anyway. cool vid.

  7. MysteriousGirl 92 Avatar

    That video was… hot. But I am not trying those things out.

  8. Elisei Iovuta Avatar

    can someone explain the first experiment? I have to prsent an experiment tomarrow morning! Help

  9. Vln Murthy Avatar

    @4:40, the black snake is one of the crackers in Diwali, India;-)

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    number 10 should be "pubic hair on fiyah"

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    That girl is a dutch YouTuber

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    Who else thought it was a man before the tube one

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    candle seesaw more like dancing candle

  14. Brandon Ross Avatar

    i am a pyro maniac

  15. tawan 971 Avatar

    kid should watch with adult and fireman

  16. Precious Killsnight Avatar

    this could tell kids to play with fire not trying to be rude but it is the truth

  17. Пламен Бонев Avatar

    you don't have to put food coloring in the water

  18. Ayaan Avatar

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  19. Bob Swagger Avatar

    Instructions not clear, dick is on fire

  20. sarcasm Avatar

    the candle see saw one is fake i think cus the fire isnt flickering

  21. EVP5309 Avatar

    A 9V battery will work for number 10 as well. It's why a lot of houses catch on fire.

  22. deemon meister Avatar

    What music plays in the second minute and the end? Tell me please.

  23. YYC STREETs Avatar

    Watch my video it's so dope

  24. Joe Dezz Avatar

    You should put a disclaimer

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    My 7 yr old grandson would love to do these things. Thanks for the suggestions.

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    the candle seeslaw was cool

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