✳️18 Amazing Science Experiments In Hindi

1 Floating maize science experiment in hindi.
2 Jumping sodium metal in water and kerosene science experiment in hindi.
3 Bubbles under bubbles science experiments n hindi.
4 Corn starch static electric experiment in hindi.
5 Coin vanishing under glass experiment in hindi.
6 Formation of rainbow using mirror experiment in hindi.
7 Balloon pulling glass experiment in hindi.

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  1. DEVIL SURAJ Avatar

    Are you from odisha

  2. Nation Lover Avatar

    Hii Mr brother even me also subscribed your channel

  3. Ashok Saini Avatar

    Wow bro i love your experiment. Make more experiment

  4. Sachin Bhosale Avatar

    Superb…… But agar aap experiments ka scientific reason bhi batate to aur achcha lagata..

  5. Nausheen Fatima Avatar

    Zbardas mashallah bhai

  6. Ramesh Kumar Avatar

    अद्भुत !

  7. Rajesh Gupta Avatar

    Ankho par transparent goggle lagaye athwa face shield lagakar experiment Karen. Being an ophthalmologist I advise you. Thanks

  8. krishnanshu Kashyap Avatar

    Is your signature dialogue is"wow amazing" ?

  9. Jagdish Kumawat Avatar

    गिलास के अंदर अगरबत्ती रखो और फिर गुब्बारे को रखो

  10. Prashik Kamble Avatar

    You are really amazing
    you got a new subscriber.
    I urge everyone to subscribe.

  11. Saundrya Kumar Avatar

    Bastard beggars brahman didn't respect your video but I'm Bahujan Mulnivasi respect your talent.

  12. sahil patil Avatar

    Grylls fire starter banana Sikha o

  13. Ram Pal Avatar

    Bhai reason bhi bataiye

  14. Biswanath Biswas Avatar

    one experiment in many videos
    this is bad
    but experiment very well

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